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I provide a variety of services that bring about growth, personal insight, and emotional/spiritual healing to open minded individuals who seek answers or change in their lives.

   All my Tarot readings are done with the deck of Thoth by Aleister Crowley, painted by Lady Frieda. It is the the most powerfully connected and detailed deck I have used and can assure you a unique and insightful reading. Dream Interpretations, Name Analysis & Translations, and Shadow Work services are all described below. I also provide intuitive counseling; suggestions of specific herbs and crystals for alternative healing; focused prayer, affirmations, and meditations; chord cutting (in order to detach from dependency); and insight regarding past lives.

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A donation of any amount is appreciated in order to help support the website and the time & energy that goes into the workings.


A natural, spiritual, and alternative approach to treat ailments.

Crystals and Herbs are the oldest form of remedy. For a small donation, I will recommend exactly which crystal or herb that will best assist you in your healing process.

Please note, this service provides you with information, not the actual product.

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   Welcome! Divination is a great gift in which we can better understand certain situations by 'reading' into things. While the answers you seek may lay within, it is sometimes difficult to understand, acknowledge, or accept what the Universe may be telling us. An efficient way of receiving the guidance is through an in-depth Tarot Card reading which provides psychic insight and assisted guidance. My readings are performed using the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck. I offer three spreads to choose from. 

10 Card Celtic Cross Spread
is very thorough and is therefore great for detailed questions providing you with precise guidance and intuitive answers for complex situations. It allows you to gain insight pertaining to your role within the matter as well as those involved.

Shadow Truth sheds light on hidden feelings, attitudes, and fears that may be a reappearing obstacle in your life. It is recommended for the shedding of past karma or to those who are currently facing a challenge or fear that needs to be brought out in order for one to move on.

Two Paths Spread is an efficient way to better understand what lies within two prominent choices. It is recommended to anyone who seeks insight on what is drawing you to each path and the possible outcome each may bring.

Please Note: The services I provide take time and energy to perform. Services are exchanged for a donation in order to help support the Beautiful Victory Blog & Services website. 

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Your reading will be delivered to your registered email address within 48 hours. Feel free to instant message me @ beautifulvictoryofone@yahoo.com for client help and questions.


Dreams have an amazing influence in our waking life and the choices we make. Understanding our dreams allows us to better know ourselves and our purpose. Beautiful Victory Services can interpret your dreams with a thorough dream analysis. Victoria Ferrer has over 10 years experience with Dream Interpretation and 10 years in psychological and philosophical studies. She is an avid Lucid Dreamer as well, and can help you apply your dreams into this reality to recognize intention, subconscious thinking, and premonition, if any.

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We often bring the magic of who we are or what we once were into our current life, as a marker that signifies our depth and creativity. Our names tell a story, a deeper truth. All names have meaning, whether they represent a thing, place, labour, or the divine incarnate, Beautiful Victory Services will help you acknowledge these meanings and its' message in order to better understand ourselves and our purpose. Beautiful Victory analyzes names through extensive research of ancestral origins, etymology, and its significance in mythology. You will receive information  in extensive detail of its origin and a finalized translation of your name.

A minimum donation of $20 is asked to perform this task, due to the length of time of research and energy involved.

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Beautiful Victory Services provides Jungian psychotherapy to those having difficulties understanding certain circumstances or moving forward in a positive direction in their life. This service is especially helpful to any client who seeks answers regarding issues that continually reappear in their life by assisting the patient by introspection, self-reflection, and the breaking down of barriers caused by repression and suppression. Many times, people simply do not know how to express their pain productively, and in effect, store these experiences deep within themselves. This only brings about more pain and frustration, the opposite of what we precisely wish to accomplish. The purpose of Shadow Work then, is to provide the client with Light, in order for them to better understand their decisions, actions, current circumstances and enable them towards personal growth, and happiness.

This service may offer meditation, breathing techniques, herbal and crystal recommendations at no extra charge. Shadow Work can take a varying amount of time to complete as it is an inner-workings process and each individual is different. Please note that the donation amount is for one day's work only. If extra time is necessary, it is up to you, the client, to either follow through with a donation per day in order to receive service or cancel at any time or until satisfied.

Warning: If you are in a state of emotional instability that may endanger your life or the lives of others, please call 9-11 or your nearest hospital. Beautiful Victory Services is not responsible for any loss or damages associated with these methods.

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Sometimes, we are so distracted by such minor things that we forget how to breathe; how to take a moment out of the day and self reflect. I offer a variety of helpful meditations that assist the seeker on many different levels. I will provide an in-depth method of how to perform the desired meditation/s so that you may apply its' practice to your everyday life or simply when needed.

 Basic Cleansing:
Visual meditation that allows the seeker to rid his/herself of any stored or hidden negative energy, fears, attachments, dependencies, and thoughts.

Basic Healing:
Intentional meditation that focuses your intent on healing any one particular part of the body, mental, or emotional hurt.

Intentional meditation that requires the seeker to reaffirm their self of what they wish to have affirmed until it is affirmed.

A visual and intentional meditation performed alone when in distress about an emotional draining relationship. It assists the seeker in revitalizing their will and cutting out dependency or unhealthy attachments to others in their life. Integrates the healing process of forgiveness.

A visual and intentional meditation performed alone or with others that assists the seeker in relieving energy and emotional blockages restricting them from personal growth and spirituality. Focuses on the seven chakras, or energy centers, clearing the way for optimum health.

Root Chakra: 
Intentional meditation that focuses on relieving sexual inhibitions, stress or dysfunctions by assisting the seeker to clear out repression, trauma, or other hindrance by intent in order to gain stability.

Sacral Chakra:
Focuses on relieving anger, unexpressed passions and creativity. This meditation allows the seeker to release the 'heat' stored inside in a productive and healthy manner.

Solar Plexus Chakra:
Intentional meditation that allows expansiveness in the seeker; openness towards spirituality, self-awareness and growth.

Sacred Heart:
Intentional meditation that focuses primarily on the Heart Center; opening the passageways of love and connection to Source. Allows the seeker to feel purpose and understanding.

Throat Chakra:
Intentional meditation that assists the seeker in relieving any blockages hindering from effective communication and intent.

Third Eye Chakra:
Intentional meditation that focuses on expanding ones consciousness beyond the five senses by opening ones' pineal gland, a light sensitive receptor that allows one to become familiar with their psychic capabilities, intuition, and higher guidance.

Crown Chakra:
Intentional meditation that allows the seeker to attain Unity with all being, understanding ones own infinite nature and timeless creative power.

Intentional meditation that allows the seeker to use the sacred vocalization of life, death, rebirth to gain balance within his/herself.

Law of Attraction:
Visual meditation that requires intentional energy and focus towards what the seeker wishes to accomplish or manifest in life.

Visual meditation that allows the seeker to obtain positivity in their life by focus.

Goddess Chant:
For males and females to become better acquainted with the female principle and aspects of life. Recommended to those who are not in tune with this creative energy in order to gain balance.

Shiva-Ohm Meditation: 
Intentional meditation that allows the seeker to become better adjusted to change in his or her own personal life. Assists in embracing what is to come, the unknown, by allowing intuitive, higher guidance to perform breakdown and rebuilding as needed for personal growth.

Please Note: Chakra meditations are forms of initiations and must be activated prior to performing the meditation. If one does not follow the proper order, one may further hinder its energetic potential. Please be aware of this and choose the chakral meditation that corresponds to you. The meditations mentioned above have all the capability to help and assist the seeker with clarity, healing, and consciousness if and only if the seeker provides full intent, focus, openness, and will. Beautiful Victory of One and Beautiful Victory Services is not responsible for any misuse of meditation methods nor the lack of desired results. Ordering a meditation is at clients own discrepancy.

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